Welcome Home

So good to see you again.

I bet you’re glad you’re home.

Your eyes are bright,

and your face shines.


I can see

you are feeling better.

The look of grief

that haunted your eyes

is gone.


The shadows

that darkened your smile,

also seem

to have moved on.


Time away

seems to have treated you well.

Welcome home.

I hope this place

makes you feel safe.


The world is changing,

and there is fear out there,

but no more than there was

before you left.

We were okay then,

and we’ll be okay again.


We’ve kept the fire burning.

Trying out best

to get a little stronger;

and we have,

a little bit,

I think.


Welcome home.

Don’t let your absence

make you feel

out of place.


We belong here.

This is where we have found

a little bit of Grace,

a little hallowed ground.


A chance in Hell,

maybe more than most.

We keep up the fight.

We need to be strong;

in this,

and every other time.


You have come so far

to come back

into our lives.

Welcome home.



HG – 2020

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