The Name of My Shadow

There is a signal

in my brain,

telling me to move,

but I can’t seem to.


Frozen in place,

knowing that

danger is on its way.

This is like

a terrible dream

come to life.


I’m here, immobile,

while out there,

the nightmare


I feel it watching me.


Through no fault of my own,

I’ve taken it upon myself

to be the one to know

the face of disaster,

the name of despair.


I want answers

and I’ll do whatever it takes,

even despair,

when I get

what I want.


Look into the eyes

of the night.

Learn its name

and speak it right.


Touch its skin

and know my fear.

Let it in

and it all

becomes so clear.


Speaking the name

of my shadow.



HG – 2020

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