Out of a Clear, Blue Sky

It’s gonna come

out of a clear, blue sky.

On the most beautiful day,

it’s all gonna go away.


Maybe the wind will blow,

might be a flash of light.

Something entering our atmosphere,

Sun burning bright.


Fact is,

it’s likely that

we’ll never know.

No one’s paying attention

to anything but their phone.


No one really looks up


Change is coming,

you better know

what you’re looking for.


Strange as it is,

we’re all focused in

on these little things.

Caught up in the ineffectual

comforts and criticisms.


So far removed

from our ancestors,

crossing the great unknown.

We all gotta go,

might as well know

what you’re looking for.


Out of a clear, blue sky.

Out of this brave new world.

We’ll never satisfy

our need to be covered.


Block out the Sun and the stars.

Shut out the Moon overhead.

Sew shut your eyes.

Pump shit into your head.


Take a good look around

at the way we live.

So far removed

from who we are;

no wonder we’re afraid.


Out of a clear, blue sky.

A trumpet call.

An atom bomb.


nothing like we’ve seen before.


A plasma wave.

One last chance to say

I love you.


So long.


*End Transmission*



HG – 2020

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