Feet flat on the floor.

Sunken in,

straight spine,

relaxed shoulders.

Eyes closed,

breathing slow.

Eyes open,

and it has already begun.


Here we are,

standing on the edge

of what we know.

Staring off

into this great unknown.

Listening for the voices

in the void.

Feeling the vibrations

in our bones.


This is it;

the quickening.

Lose the self,

forget the past,

eyes forward,

mind on task.

Keep being first,

the first is last.

Keep your hands busy,

every question asked.



but completely,

turn around.

See the world

for what it really is.

All of it,

in all,

it’s so profound,

governed by simple things

like this.



are ideas.

Maybe the structure

of the universe.


like the air we breathe;

so important.


I can feel

the spell is wearing thin.

Time to move further in.

Closed eyes.

Deep breath again.

Welcome to the morning.

Greet the new day.

Knowing you’re here,




HG – 2020

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