doesn’t discriminate,

doesn’t age,

doesn’t lie.

An almost




at influencing minds

and bodies,

long past

that first point of contact.


That moment;

more of a memory,

than an injury,

awakens in

an animal,


and insane.


On blow,

or many.

One night,

or a lifetime.

one bullet,

or a blade,

two hands,

or the same words

every day.


There’s no recovery.

Becoming part

of who we are.


that this scar

goes so far down,

almost to our center,

sometimes it is our center.


We become our trauma,

and the monster

devours us.


No escape.

Only surrender.

Only time

takes away what we remember.

All this pain

in our life,

fades away with us.



HG – 2020

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