Surviving a Fall

You trusted me.

I bet you thought

I was a somebody.

Someone who would catch you

when you fell again,

but I was too busy

falling myself

to save you.


I guess,

if I think it through,

it might have looked

like I was flying,

but I was just falling

longer than you.

I used to be

oh, so high.


I ask you,

at what point you knew,

you would be meeting the Earth

face first?

Such a tragedy,

but always worth

the lessons learned.


Surviving a fall

is exhilarating.

Broken bones,

and smashed egos,

and pain.

We tend to forget

the climb,


and only focus

on the end.


What a shitty friend I’ve been.

Focus on the fall instead.

Embrace the Earth

and then,

try again.


Failure to fly

is just a failure to try.

Over and over,

for our whole lives.

No one remembers

those who lay down and die,

but no one questions

those who survive

and try,


and again.



we make it.

Soaring on.


we don’t fall,


at all.


HG – 2020


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