A Thing or Two

Damnation is the wellspring.

Conviction is the urge.

This addiction to confining

all this life in words.

The end is coming soon;

another highlight for the birds.

“I didn’t think it mattered.”

Strangest thing I ever heard,

and I’ve heard

a thing or two.


Here we are;

at another crossroads;

intersecting bylines in our lives.

Take the left,

or take the right?

God knows we’ll never be satisfied.

Second guess ourselves

every time.

Wish we would just

make up our fucking minds.

There doesn’t need to be drama

on every side.

I’ve never seen anything like it

in my life,

and I’ve seen a thing or two.


What does it even matter?

It’s not like we can’t get there

from here,

or anywhere.

The only limit is us,

and the atmosphere.

Hanging on to trouble

never seems to prepare

us for the wounds

and the scars that we will bear.

Holding onto sickness

doesn’t cure the air.

Living in the rubble

of our greatest care.

I don’t think we know

how to laissez faire;

and I’ve known a thing or two.


You’ll have to show me

what you can do.

It’ll be easy

with me and you.

Easier still

with three

than with two.

Show me everything.

We’ll make it through.


HG – 2020


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