The Present

You gave me a gift.

I didn’t know

what to do with it.

It took a long time,

I must admit;

even today,

I can forget.


Time goes by

and I,

still find I realize,

I missed the forest

for a pair of sultry eyes.

I did a lot of things

I now despise,

but sometimes I’m still surprised

I’m still alive.


I know now

what I did not know then.

I passed off my place

to younger men,

and I pray that they find

a better path for them.

All the angels, say “Amen”.


You gave me a gift

of every breath.

I faced my fears,

and I’ve stared at Death.

Sometimes I didn’t recognize him,

but I felt his breath;

cold upon my neck.


Today’s a new day;

the Sun shines,

I’ve got my Baby,

and I’ve got some time.

It’s a gift,

I know;

I’ve seen the light,

holding back the darkness,

just out of sight.


Thank you,

for all of this.

I must admit,

I’ve sometimes made a mess of it;

but now I know,

I won’t forget.

I’ll remember

with every breath.



HG – 2020


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