Natural Magic

How easy we forget

the silence of the night.

The hush,

the wind

stirring the leaves.

A rustle in the grass,

a hawk shadow in the sky.

Turning our senses,


to the natural world.


The river runs down

from the mountains

to the sea.

All that it brings

to feed,

and nourish the family.


There is magic

in the way

we walk through the trees,

and all of these

petty little things

fall away

in between

the moonlight in the leaves.


No question

of who we are,


No conflict,

only survival.

Content and comfort

wear their fleeting forms.

Just another thing.

No more valuable.


There is always

a little bit of fear.

In the night.

It’s what keeps us aware.

For this world

has always been


It turns out

that safety

is an illusion.



in the darkness,

the forest encloses

around us,

like a mother’s arms.

The mountains

stand firm beneath us,

surrounding us,

keeping us safe from harm.


So we perceive;

there is magic

in the starry sky.

We can feel it

in our bones.


HG – 2020

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