in the calm embrace

of the afterglow,

of all of my mistakes.

Everything I’ve known

comes into question

in this hazy,

neon light.


I was just so simple;

a Tardigrade,

trying to overcomplicate

itself until I

no longer

could survive in space,

or oceanic volcanic vents.



Only exists for a little while,

before the world figures me out,

fills me with doubt,

and I forget myself.


What a wrong way

to have been;

lost in the moment,

silently taking it in.

One little change,

one more mistake;

compounding into this state.


Try as I might,

I can’t evolve,

but I can seem to survive,

past everything

being my fault.


I can embrace what’s mine,

face my kind,

and die,

knowing I was once alive.


You will know me

by the results

of my mistakes.



HG – 2020

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