Valentine’s Day


The sky is blue,

somewhere beyond those clouds.

Deep purple,

fat with late season snow.

This winter

seems different than the last;


yet it seems to go on and on.


It’s tough to judge by time.

It’s not like we have changed so much

that we perceive time differently,

or maybe our concourse around the Sun

has shortened,

but it is as if

the measure of meaning

that we place on time

seems to be in short supply.


I only get this one life.

Only so many spins on this ball.

I find myself

judging my time by you,

and I feel, now

that I am left wanting.


I measure each minute

by how I spend it with you.

I gauge the weeks,

and the months,

and the years,

by how they pass on your face;

and babe,

I have never taken the time

to really notice you

and who you are.

Like ignoring every sunrise

for my whole life.


You act so strong,

but I know you’re carrying

a ton of doubt,

and pain,

and anger’

and a lot of that is my fault.

I know it.


I took time for granted,

thinking that if I just worked so hard,

I could undo my past mistakes,

but I can’t.

I just keep sacrificing

the present for the past,

and that ain’t fair to you.



I love you.

More than all the words

in all the world

could ever describe.

I’m going to take back my time.

I’m going to find a way,

so I don’t have to keep

giving up tomorrow.

Our tomorrow.

I love you.

For this time,

and all time.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


HG – 2020

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