Calm down.

This is just a test.

Let it go,

It’ll only hurt more

if you fight.


This is where you find out,

if you are capable of more.

Pushing deeper down,

to see if you change.


Part of you remains here,

maintaining operations;

the other part,

we set loose,

to see what it brings back.


We all return

to be whole again,

but the things we pick up

along the way

are the most important.


Pushing past the usual

to see

what you are made of.

You’ve done okay,

so far,

but we’re gonna need

so much more.


It’s going to be uncomfortable.

Hold on, now.

Here we go.


This is where we test

your heart and mind.

We’ll see how far you can go.

Keep on pushing you,

until you are


We need you to be

so much more.


Advancement isn’t trivial.



it’s over now.

Just like we told you.

Come on down, now.

Let it wave.

Coming through this

isn’t easy.

You’ll be fine

in a few days.


Maybe feel better.

Maybe be better.

Maybe live better.


This is just a test.



HG – 2020

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