Pricing Game

Everything takes a toll.

Everything has a price.

Unwitting deal is done.

Trading away a life,

for the comforts and perfect light.

Not even knowing why,

we only live to die,

but there is so much more outside.



little visions,


Death dreams

where we’re acquitted.


behind the shadow.

Close your eyes,

and just let it go.


I don’t think we even know,

but if we listen,

we can hear our future selves

calling out,

telling us where we go wrong.

We know all too well,

looking back is

perfect vision.


who we are

in this present moment,

looking sober still.


This life

doesn’t go

where you think

it does,


you don’t know

the buy in,

or the odds.


Try and play

this insane game,

it takes away

all we have become,

and we trade

our fair complexions,


for the dust.


This is it;

the game’s all in.

You’re not leaving here

with anything.

So, bet it all

on this one spin,

this one toss,

this one call.



HG – 2020

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