under an immortal sky.

Let the smoke from my fire rise

high enough to join the clouds.

Sparkle on long,

oh, eternal ancestors.

Long have you guided us in our past,

long may you guide our future.

Not even the long drums

of spring rain

and summer thunder

can wash away your wisdom.


My hands reach up,

to call down your dancing colors.

My hands reach down,

deep into the dark earth.

From one,

I draw out wisdom,

from the other,

I draw nourishment.



and soul,

and spirit,

fed from your fertile body.

All of this,

even the false world,

is of you.


I sit,

stoking the flames of my fire

and let the pop and hiss

inform my senses.

The tumbling roar,

of birth,

and creation.

The snap and crackle,

of the end of all things.



and let the world

all at once

enter me,

and fall away.

I am part of everything,

and I am nothing.


I am an eagle,

an otter,

a fish,

an insect,

and a virus.

I am a star,

a ghost,

an alien,

and angelic being.


Holy as the sky above me.

Simple as the dirt below.



HG – 2020

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