Night and Day



despite my dreams.

Rolling on the waves

of consciousness

it seems

so hard

to hang on to that place.


The horizon’s way,

always beckoning me.

Does it always have to be a waste?

I’m not sure,


This is moving on,

as it always has,

as it always will.


Night is full

of lust and death,


we reconsider

who we are.

The day brings a new disguise,

and we live a lie,

at least so far.


I’m just wondering

if I can make

myself wake

to a new dawn.

Let peace consume me,

until I’m moving on.


When I wake,

is the whole world changed,

or is it just me?

Is this insanity,

or am I finally seeing

with some clarity?


Until then,

I’ll sit on the edge of my

conscious mind

for a little while.

Feeling the ebb and flow

of the world

waiting for me.


Come so far,

with so far to go,

with only my dreams

to comfort me;

and my dreams

have rarely been comforting.

That’s why each day

matters so much

to me.



HG – 2020

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