Shut it off,

shut if off.

I don’t want to see anymore.


Shut it down,

shut it down.

I don’t want to hear,



What happened to intelligence,

and subtle games?

Duel used to be fought with honour,

used to know your enemy  by name.


Now the rose has soured,

the veil is wearing thin.

We used to strive together,

now we don’t even

deign to see our brothers,

sisters gone again

and we don’t even notice.

This is just

the tip of the

shit that we’re in.


Hate you.

Hate you.

So much easier

that thinking I’m like you.

Never that divorced,

from each other before.

Who’s driving the wedge?

Who is all this for?


Just shovel it up,

another celebrity bonfire.

Light it up,

sacrificial cop car,

for  your click-bait,

shit faced,

blatant lie


We used to believe you,

now you’re a spectacle.


Shut it off.

Shut it off.

I can’t take anymore.


Shut it down.

Shut it down.

I’m not even listening.


Burn it down.

Burn it down.

Seems so simple.

How are you at eating ashes?

I guess we’re gonna see.




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