It’s okay to let go

of every awful thing.

It won’t bother them, at all.

Holding on

to all of this pain and sadness

will never bring back

what you have lost.

It’s not like

we get points for

our self-destruction.

No one’s keeping score,

except you.


Human beings

are such

peculiar creatures.



and consumed.

We weave such intricate

and beautiful

traps for ourselves,

when we think

we might escape.



new and comely


to fall into

each of our mistakes.

Every good maze,

needs a monster.

Every pretty spider

has a web.


Don’t ask me

if I know the way;

I’m busy

crafting my own

in my head.

It’s okay

to let go

of that heavy load.

All that secret pain.


It never mattered,

any more

than a warning

telling us the way

to keep us sane.

We aren’t meant to linger

in our sorrows.

Don’t you have real problems, anyway?



HG – 2020

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