Maybe I have done all this before.

It all seems so familiar.

I recognize your shape,

but I can’t place your name, or features.

We were in this place

working to get through to the other.

Sun became black as pitch,

as we entered the opposite side.


What’s up

is down.

Get down,

fall up.

No compass here.

We’re inside out.


Fear was on your face;

something so unmistakable

about seeing another’s terror.

I can only imagine mine.


Devices we can’t comprehend,

but we use them like we’re children,

and all this is just a game.

Maybe it is,

maybe it was,

but now it’s all changed.


You were there

and I was going

through the image.



coming out the other side.

Another place,

another time.


This is not here,

this is not there.

This is when,

and beyond madness.

I don’t think

I’ll ever use the word “impossible” again.



here we are.

I’m not sure

if it’s safe to say

just where,

or when,

but “here”

is all that really matters.


I guess we’re making a dangerous assumption;

thinking you’re still you,

thinking I’m still me.

We’ve seen everything change


haven’t we?



HG – 2020


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