Has it always been like this?

I can’t remember my pain.

Probably it’s for the best;

if I could,

I’d probably be insane.


Waiting for the ax to fall,

or drowning in anticipation.

Fueled by anxiety,

unsure if you will ever find me.


Hunted like the timid prey,

run to ground,

devoured quickly.

Is there any trust out there?

Do I know who you are



I reach out a hand to touch you,

you recoil in fear and terror.

I can tell by the look in your eyes,

that a monster walks among us.

I can tell you hear my words,

by the way they make you shudder.

This was not what I set out to be,

but here we are.


It makes me wonder;

was it always this way?

I can’t remember,

but I know you’re in pain.

Such desire’s out of fashion.

Wonder if you went insane?


It would be so easy,

just to give in.

Stop running,

lay down,

and be devoured,

but we remain,


in a foggy memory.


You pass me by,

and I am left with all my questions.

Answers seem such cheap returns

when all the feeling’s gone to the wolves.

I guess it’s true,

what they say

about forgetting.



HG – 2020


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