Leave it to me.

I promised I would take care.

Swore that I’d never be afraid,

never hurt you,

never stray.



How does it feel,

that I have been unfaithful?

Wasn’t even there

to see you cry.

Imagination makes

for such a burden.

Love is only there,

when we’re satisfied.


Trust is gone,

and who I am

is an illusion.


like a picture in a frame.

One of us,

the victim

of their own delusions,

the other one

is taking all the blame.


Who I am,

is not who

you made me up to be.

It takes two

to dance to this song.

Search your heart,

be honest with me.

You’ve known

who I am

all along.


I can’t tell,

if your faith in me

was just your


or an honest belief

in what I could be.

Your faith

crucifies me.


Turns out I am

not all a monster.

Not all a man;

somewhere in between.

Tears fall like stars.

We tumble like angels,

from the heavens

of what we thought could be.


My lies were apologies.



HG – 2020

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