Black Fire

At the end of a prayer,

when the breath is exhaled,

before another is drawn in.

There is a choice we make,

whether the words

are only words,

or if they resonate within.


Are we drops

in the dark waters?

Radiating out

from our self-centered,


guilt and shame?

Are we fear,


Too terrified

to speak your name?


This was supposed

to be a supplication

to the great beyond,



now all I see

is eternal



Burning all around.

Casting no light

with its flame.

Hunger draws me in,

but I am

too afraid

to go,



I didn’t know

it would be like this.

I never thought

it would be so cold,



and empty;

yearning for my soul.


Drawing me in

with the dance

of every flame.

Hoping I can turn away.


I made a choice

this time.

I stayed on this side

of the black fire.



HG – 2020

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