Through Hell For You

I knew that it would be

the hardest thing

I’d ever done,

but I

never could have imagined

the violent end

I had to face,

so that I

could come back to you.


They took my skin,

and stripped my flesh

off of my bones.

I screamed,

so loud and long,

that I vomited up my insides.

And so,

I lay there,


tormented and exposed.

Then they smashed my bones;

every one,

until I was perfectly broken.


Finally, I was burned.

My ravaged body turned to ash

and mixed with salt

from the sea

and scattered in the wind

across a hundred beaches.



I made it back to you

better than I was.

Reborn in some

fine, new body.



I know

my soul can stand

what this world has for me;

and maybe,

I can finally


for you.



HG – 2019

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