Light and Shadow

Softly now;

pull away the layers

of what we were.


then skin,

then flesh.

Piles of ribbons,

and we remain,

something not of this place,

but a trick


light and shadow.


I was naked,

unadorned and vulnerable.


like the day I was born.

I thought I saw you

out of the corner of my eye.

Not sure how I recognised you,

when you were never really there.


This is how

we come to be


and estranged.

Even with the ribbons

of what we were



We thought we

could stand against the Sun.

Now, we have become

a flicker in a candle flame.

We are gone,

but we remain,

light and shadow.


We looked deeply

into each other.

Not even dust,

or bones,

but long gone,

like the summer.

We pass away,

and I still see your face.

You see me, too;

and interlude,

between night and judgement.


Whispers of who we were

still catch the winter wind.

I hear your voice,

I see your face,

and you are gone again.

Where you go,

I will always follow;

into light and shadow.



HG – 2019

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