New Reality

There’s light

through a crack

under the door

that I didn’t know was there.

The walls of this perfect prison

were seamless,

I swear.

In this,

impenetrable darkness,

I’ve been laying bare

all of my sins.

Shedding my skin.

Now I’m here,

in the glare

of this new reality.


I was free

to do

and move as I chose.

A creature in flight,

a thief in the night,

I suppose.

Living a life

full of wine

and designer clothes.

I wish I had listened

to all of the words

I’d been told.

Because now I’m locked in a cell

that I made on my own.

Turns out that freedom’s not free,

we pay through the nose.


That light keeps me working,

now that I know

there’s something more.

Keeps me breathing,

and feeling for seams,

or a switch for the door.


I know if I’m patient,

it’s gonna open in time.

I’m trying to find

the keys

somewhere in my mind.

I made this cage

out of living a life

so sublime.

The only way I know

to escape,

is the way

and the light.



it’s just that light and me;

this new reality.



HG – 2019

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