Answer Key

Answer me,

but don’t let your words

be hollow ones.

I asked a question;

so simple,

I thought it would work.

You came back to me

with a look,

and tears in your eyes.

You said it hurt,

and I agreed with you.


Where did we go wrong,

when a simple “Why?”

is met with such confusion?

I was a child once,

but this man I am

still needs an explanation.

More and more,

I’m beginning to suspect,

that I am the bad actor,

pushing you for words

you can’t describe.


With only two possible answers;

either you love me,

my love,

or you don’t.

Either you need me,

or you are on your own.

Either your “Yes” is “Yes”,

or your “No” is “No”,,

but we both know

our lies have been exposed.


“Why?” is such a simple question.

One right answer,

so much dissimilation.

So much destruction

in our wake,

and now we consecrate

another devastation.


Use the right words,

and I swear I will free you.

Lessen my grip

around your throat.

Pierce my heart,

take my soul,

burn me up

with the righteousness

of your honesty,

but please,

just answer me.



HG -2019

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