Angel on Fire

Watch that angel.

Yeah, she’s gonna burn.

and it’s gonna be blue fire.

and it’s gonna take everyone.

Oh, my love;

I’ve waited for so long,

for you to remember me,


Now that I’m gone,

I thought of everything

that I did wrong,

but I didn’t think of you,

that’s why I called.



now we

are indescribable,


to each other.


here we go,

through another cycle.


Like in a way,

I don’t know

why I’m alive.

I loved you like

an angel on fire.

I lost my mind

in the melee.

I didn’t know

I was responsible

for what I signed up for.

Another wayward claim.


I wish that I

had made all my dreams known.

Losers like me

see the whole sky.

I saw you

on top of the hill.

Thought that I could keep you alive.



I’m away;

I thought I paid enough.

Here I am,

watching the flames.

I told you

that I’d die for you.

I didn’t think

you’d do the same.


So, I watch the sky

for burning angels.


as red as the sunrise.

I see you;


Wish I could remember your name.


HG – 2019


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