Look at yourself.

This is where the morning gets you;



hollowed out and thrown away,

but you still retain

the same narcissistic arrogance

as yesterday.



I thought only junkies,

or whores,

or politicians,

could sit there,

covered in shit, blood and cum

and smile up at you

with that same look

of self-satisfaction.

As if to say,

“I’m down here,

but I’m still better than you.”


Unswerving delusion,

bred out of a no-win

cancel culture.

The eventual result

of nailing shut

every avenue of opportunity

and escape.

Sealing shut the doors and windows

and filling the room,

ever so gradually

with water.


At ankle deep,

you’re barely going to notice.

At knee deep,

they’ll tell you it’s your fault.

At waist deep,

it’s time to raise your taxes,

and when it’s neck high,

they start to drop in

crocodiles and box jellyfish

and now you’ve got a real climate crisis.

Best to get treading water.


All this comes and goes.

A blink of an eye

in the universe.

This morning,

as with every morning,

is a chance to change your mind.

When it all becomes too much,

come find me.

I’ll be over here,

breaking the windows

and kicking down the doors.



HG -2019

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