One Bad Day

A bad day,

a bad week,

in a life full

of bad days

and bad weeks.


“Hard times

make strong men.

Strong men

make good times.

Good times

make weak men.

Weak men

make hard times.”


Around and around.

This ridiculous carousel

keeps turning on and on.

I’m on the other ride,

watching it go,

sometimes I want

to seize the controls,

and sometimes I wait

for it all to go

off of the rails.





around and around.

Watch our little carnival

burn to the ground.

I’ve never been

much of a dancer,

but I know how to move my feet.


Does it get any better?

If it does,

I don’t wanna know.

Give me my trouble.

I’m used to my pain

and the futures unknown.

I know,

I could make it better,

here on my own,

but I’ve saved my last dance,

for when I’m all alone.


One bad day

that lasts

the rest of your life,

measured in years,

or minutes,

it never satisfies.

Hope is a weapon,

and hard work,

a luxury.

‘Round and ’round we go;

come dance with me.



HG – 2019

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