Old Words

Never read the old words.

Sure, They might still sound the same,

or roll right off your tongue,

but they are not what you are thinking right now.

They aren’t you anymore.


Quit the childish little game,

where you substitute some meme

for what you really mean.

You know,

that deadpan sarcasm

and popular tripe

might have been cute for a minute,

but it’s grown stale quickly

and you are only as relevant

as your words.


What happened to your razor wit?

What happened to that quiet,

curious mind,

that was all at once


and poignant,

like a sniper’s bullet?


I’m afraid

that with disuse and age,

it’s more of a rusty,

metal blade.

Maybe good for a slasher,

but not keen enough for surgical work.



your words are well off the mark.

Cheap shots

and accuracy through volume.

You’ve lost the rifleman’s touch.


With age,

came rage

and disappointment,

and impotence.

These things made you cruel,

and cruelty has taken the care

that you once had

for the old words.


Can you go back?


I don’t think so,

but maybe you can start

caring again.

Sharpen your blade

on some hard ideas.

Start with you;

you will know

if your words still work,

if you feel them.



HG – 2019

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