More Than A Memory

I saw you in my mind,

but in a way,

it was something more

than a memory,

because I watched you

walking along the city street,

laughing with friends,

and I

did not recognize them,

or the storefronts,

or your dress.

It could have been anywhere.


I have a hard time

trying to figure out

why my mind would create

such a vivid fantasy.

This was no dream,

no hallucination;

just a moment of calm thought,

and there you were.


Your hair was cut shorter

than I remember,

and your dress, too;

but that same smile,

the same laugh,

same eyes.

I watch the scene

over and over

in my head,

trying to scry out some detail,

some clue,

some reason,

why you would enter my mind

right then.

So far,

it is just a mystery

that I cannot solve.

A premonition?


I am not prone

to flights of fancy;

but this,


it is unlike anything

I have ever experienced.

Maybe it’s all bullshit,

but maybe it’s not,

and you are out there,


smiling and laughing;

as beautiful as ever.

I hope so.

I hope so.


HG – 2019


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