Semi-Conscious State

My mind fights me.

Crown of thorns,

or just another


Wednesday morning junkie?


Looking like another

cold piece,

and I’m in season.

Never for a second


never really had

a reason.

Wrong side of the tracks.

Wrong side of the

Judeo-Christian question.


Too many words out

to take them back,

but I have to ask;

if we must live in the past,

then how far back?

When is the lie

big enough for the task?


I cast my eyes about,

seeking some structure,

some comfort,

in this expectation,

but there is absence

of amelioration

where I should find

my home.


where there should be worship,

and truths

in stranded shelters on the road.


All the word’s a play,

and all the world’s a stage.

Line made adlib,

caught up on the spot.

Every day a game

of connect-the-dots.


The face in the sky,

is just a cloud.

I hope we make Him proud,

don’t wanna let Him down.

I start this day the same

as I have

for a while now;

one foot in the grave,

the other on the ground.



HG – 2019

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