A Room on Fire


I’m letting it be

whatever it was.

Not trying to make something

of it now.

It’s in the past.

Can’t you just let it die?

Like I did,

so many times, before.

Questions like it was yesterday,

make me doubt my own sanity.

Am I wrong

in moving on?

Or are you trying

just to fuck with me?

I can’t say I understand.

I can’t say that I relate.

I see a door and a window.

You see a wall on every side

in a room on fire.

Curious why we create

traps for ourselves.

These obstacles.

Rats in a maze,

and I’m amazed

we don’t cannibalize one another

more than we

already do.

Put the past away.


is gonna have to be enough

for you.

You’ll find

that I

am really after you.

This world

conforms to your point of view.

It’s everything,

everything you ever knew

and all you’ll ever know.

I’m letting go.

Yesterday is not my scapegoat.

I’m holding on

to my new day, today.

Maybe you should do the same.



DJR – 2019

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