Tuesday Morning Disconnected

I woke from a dream,

into another dream,

at lest that’s how it seemed.

Something ethereal,

some disconnected quality.

 I looked around,

seeking something familiar,

but nothing was out of place;

everything was right where it should be.


What kind of dream is this?

Simple and so sincere,

but I don’t trust a thing.

Waited for a few minutes

to wake up,

but it did not pass.


I woke from a dream,

into this other dream

and I think I’m trapped here,

I can’t find an escape.

It’s as far as I can see,

this way and that way.

Open all the way up to the sky,

but I can’t seem to fly



What kind of place is this?

Split and divided

by time and interests,

fleeting little shadows.

I’m told that I will wake

in the end.

All eyes open,

but I woke up once already;

how can I wake up again?


It keeps getting stranger.

This dream is the strangest, yet.

Peopled with unlikely beings,

circumstances contrived

and child-like.

I have a hard time

believing my mind invented this.

I have a bone to pick

with whoever made this simulation.


I woke up from a dream,

into another dream.

I feel exposed and cold

in this reality.

Now, I’m so far from home,

surrounded by strangers.

Feeling like I am prey

under the eyes of predators.

What world is this?

When do I wake?


HG – 2019


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