One for The Road


in my head.

Long gone

emotions drawn.

It’s been a little while,

old friend.

How have you been carrying on?


I placed a little too much emphasis

on being cold

and getting colder.

Moving far away,

Old Son,

was probably the smartest maneuver.


People just don’t care anymore,

like they did

when I didn’t.

We’ve all come a long way

since then,

some of us just won’t admit it.


Pour up another round.

Some other clown

drank the last one down.

You and I

come back around;

the reason why

we let our feelings die.


You tell

and I couldn’t have said it

any better.

Back and forth for hours.

Politics and religion,

but never weather.


We’re not here

to waste time,

or respiration.

Time is short,

so is the journey,

and the destination…

… well…

that’s where we see differently.

You say the sky,

I say the sea,

but we’ll both go in the ground,


Pour another round

and remember me.


I’ve been all alone

with my memories.

Faces in my head

keep me company.

Soon I’ll wander off;

so, what’s it gonna be?

One more for the road,

or are you done with me?


HG – 2019


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