Wolf’s Clothes

None of that matters, now.

It’s lost to all of us,

like vain suffering.

Conscious as you are,

all those around you

only see you

through your menagerie.


Pompous, insecure.

It’s hard to hide

what is written on your face.

Heart on your sleeve is a decoy;

you’ve been heartless

for more than a little while, now.


Nothing cures misery

like spreading it around.

A vile contagion.


as you drown us all

in your bitterness,

your arrogance and bile.


The illusion of innocence

helped you get close enough

to come in for the kill.


None of that matters, now.

What’s done is done,

and dead is dead.

Yeah, one by one,

we all fall down

to your charming blade.


The sins are yours,

but the innocent paid.

Just like the old days.

Never let a tragedy

go unemployed.

Speak whatever heresy

brings you joy.


Is this a race?

Is this a war?

You make the call.

Never let your opponent know,

until they fall.

That was your intention all along.


None of this matters, now.

New days bring new things.

Challenges greater than you.

You are just a sign

of things to come.

Time turns a page,

as it has done

all along.


Turns out you have to kill a king,

long before

you become a god.

How wrong you are.


HG – 2019


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