Crash Test

What are we

doing here?

In this place,

the home of all our miseries.

It has to be

something like


that keeps us coming back

to the site of our ultimate failures.


It’s like we’re made

to break,

so we can be built again,


Facing an always greater

and greater fear.

Climbing high

into the atmosphere.


Reaching out

into the great unknown.

Higher and higher,


we fall

back down

to the ground

and we lay there


for a little while.


We always seem to mend

and stitch together wings

to fly again.

Or find another mountain

we can climb.

“We’re gonna make it this time.”

We believe the line.

This is what

we are doing here.



for our next run.


Time to fight the odds again.

Even though we are from here,

we must know we don’t belong here.

Home must be elsewhere.

Beyond pain,

and doubt,

and fear.



HG – 2019

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