Take what is mine,

this part of me.

Out of my mind


pain and tragedy.

Always have been


fool for sale,

and once I’m done

desecrating this,

I’m done for real.


Take it.

Do what you will.

I have been creeping in shadows

and eating the dead

for so long, now.

I don’t mind if you do it, too.



is so overrated,

and no one really cares

if what you do

is new

and original.


Just feed the fiends.

Their abuse

is cyclical.

One day I’m clean

and renewed;

it’s a miracle!

The next day

I’m booze and pills,

and the miserable.

So that’s what you get.


Not every painting is hung,

some are smashed,

some are painted over.

Strike when the iron is hot.

Don’t waste a shot,

but hey,

if you do,

does it really matter?


I’m making this for me.

When I’m done,

I give it away.

I don’t give a fuck

what you do with it.

Out of my mind

feels alive,

stuck inside,

how do you deal with it?


Take what is mine.

I’m giving you something.

Take what is mine.

It might not be pretty.

Take what is mine.



HG – 2019

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