The Release

Anchor yourself

to those old salad days.

Grab hold real tight

and do your best

to stop the wheel from spinning.

Oh, yeah;

you know you’re gonna lose,

but I see you gripping on

tight as you can.


You’re gonna break,

and you’re gonna fall,

and no one’s gonna care,

no, no one at all.

Some things in this world

you have to hold on to,

but time isn’t one of them.


Just let go.

Just let go.


Look around you

at all the broken people

who held on too long.

Missing limbs,

disfigured faces,

broken fingers,

healed at wanton angles.


There comes a time

in every life,

when we must

come around the bend.

There are places

we can step away

without going for a ride

over the edge.



are only that

and nothing more.

Ghosts of who we were,

nothing worth

not living for.


… just let go.


Let go,

fall into your life.

Let go.

Let go.

Save yourself in time.

Let go.

Let go.

There’s no reason why

we have to hold on

until we can

no longer.


Let go.



HG – 2019

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