Repeat Offender


I see you

over there


for another chance

to play with me,

but all I’ve got for you

is cold derision,

and this



and all-consuming notion,

that there are more like you

I’ve not yet identified.


Watching you,


Watching you,


The probability

that you’ll re-offend,

I think,

is staggeringly high.




Talking with your hands,

because you’ve got to convince me,

convince anyone,

your value lies in

your mere existence.



Death will find you.

He comes for all of us,

but I like to think

he makes a special case,

drags it out a little bit,

watches the fear in the eyes,

hears an honest cry

when you realize,

you were never anything,

but food for flies.

I bet death smiles.



I’ve got my eye on you.

If you offend again,

I’ve got a plan or two.

I’m on to you

and your psychopathy.

Not gonna let you

get away

easy as we

did before.

We’re watching you, now.


HG – 2019

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