You’re holding back


I can tell.

Your eyes speak in voices

that your mouth amends,


or eliminates.


Is it you,

or is it me?

Am I to blame,

or are you just

sitting there in silence,

judging me,

because I remind you

of your frailty?


My harm,

my time,

my scars,

my obvious


discomforts you.


My infirm,

my disability

seems to make you

lose your ego.

Your face turns pale

and you look away.


I’m sorry I remind you

of your mortality.


Oh, Honey;

one day your eyes won’t shine.

Your skin will sag and tear away

in time.

Your bones will remain,

if they’re not crushed.

We all go back to the dirt,

we are all made of dust.


You’re holding back


I can tell.

The fear in your eyes,

I know so well.

You look at me

and you see yourself;

and it terrifies you.


You’re alone,

facing this future,

this unknown.

Well let me tell you,

it’s no picnic,

it’s a grind.

I don’t think

you’ll make it out alive.


HG – 2019


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  1. Hey it’s beautiful ! I love it. ❤️❤️ I would really appreciate it if you could please check out my poems too and provide me with your feedback😊. Thanks a lot ! , i also don’t understand how to add tags, would you please make me understand, thanks again 🌸 I hope you have a great day ahead!

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