Kill the lights,

cut the music.

I want to hear silence

and see darkness.

Until the ringing in my ears

is deafening

and the dark takes on

a solid form.

Until I’m ready to go mad

with isolation.

Until the shape inside the darkness

reaches for me.

Until I’m ready to be enveloped

and abandoned,

cast aside in zero gravity;

a discarded astronaut.



give me one

pure light.


give me one

clear note.

Let the light start

as a tiny pinprick

and let the sound start low,

barely a whisper.


From a single point,

the light,

grows in intensity,

bright enough to wash out

the whole world.

And the sound rises,


like a far away church choir,

or an engine,

miles off

and getting closer.


Let the light increase

in intensity,

until it’s nuclear,

burning up my shadow.

The heart of a star,

bleaching clean the page,

until not even the edges remain.

And the sound rises,

A high note,

an afterburner scream,

louder and louder,

until it is as loud

as the ringing in my ears.




Then silence.

And the light dies,

and I am gone,


like I never was.


HG – 2019


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