Sacred Words



all my majesty,

making more of these

pointless motions,

as important as anything.

They’re not important,

but it is important

that I do them now,

with reverence.



out past the sight of shore,

the wind whips us,

we ride the storm

from doldrums,

to the end of the world.

All that matters

is that I keep doing

the little things.


Open my mouth,

and let a good thing exit.

Open my mind,

don’t let that dark thing enter.

Open my heart,

and hope that it is filled with light

and not packed full of ocher.



Move as if

to hear some silent music.

Speak as if

an incantation comes.

Think as if

each thought

is manifested.

Know that each thing matters;

every one.


Steering myself through the day

with any kind of grace,

to show you my inner state

is invested in this way.

I don’t seek to control you;

I can barely control myself.

The reason that I chose you

to read this

is because

you still have some hope left.


My hands


in mystic gestures.

My lips,

breathe life

to sacred words.

Bringing you closer to me

than a memory.


are movements

in other words.

In other worlds.


HG – 2019


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