Good Morning

Memories that fade like shadows,

words that die as quick as dreams,

sand that runs through hands like water,

a whole life is glimpsed in these.

Moments met and quickly parted,

catch the eye

and touch the skin,

passing each other into darkness,

never to be seen again.


Another day on the horizon.

A promise glowing in the East,

burning red, like blood on fire;

a promise of all bonds released.


I wake,

and the world comes in,

dull at first,

but so much better than the demons

that watch me as I sleep

and remind me

of pain and shame and devastation.


It doesn’t follow me

into the waiting arms

of morning,

but it

waits for me

in the dark

that is always coming.


This is it.

This is that one chance.

Better take it.

Tomorrow is not promised.


There are questions,

more so than answers.

there are deceptions;

some say the whole world

is just a lie.

Just a dream,

and you’re gonna wake up,



I get dressed before the light comes.

I stand on the threshold for a time,

contemplating this whole promise,

wondering which part is mine.

Trepidation waxes anxious,

then the calm descends on me.

My soul is touched with warmth and comfort,

reminded life is but a dream.


Might as well step through the portal

into this mad menagerie,

and draw some solace from the notion,

that the world is full

of other people

just as bewildered

as me.


HG – 2019


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