The Why

Trying to touch

my subconscious,

to see who I really am,

see what I really mean,

see what I believe.


You see;

I’ve been fooling myself.

I’m not what I ought to be.

I am a roaming dissident,


thin in this body.


I’m not trying to escape,

just wanting to know how

things ended up this way,

the why of what’s happening, now

and what I can do

to do

what I need to

to make it better.


At this point in life,

I’ve been interacting with this plane,

this time,

this reality,

for a little while, now.

I’ve figured out a few

of the unspoken rules,

now, it is time

to see what I can do.


With a little will,

with a little skill,

coming for the kill.

Dressed to impress.

It’s all available.

Open source,

all access.


So, I am trying to touch

my subconscious,

to figure out

the why

of what I am.


HG – 2019


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