The Dim Reveal

What is this place?

Where I am,

here am I,


in relief,


with my own existence.


Part of me is smooth and pure,

soft as down,

white as porcelain.

The rest of me,

back and cold,


and covered in scales.

What am I to do?

This was not what I was.

This is not what I’ll become,

but I am more and more concerned

with surviving long enough

to make it out of here.


Some days I’m losing my mind,

others I am high up

in the sycamores,

screaming for the sky to come down

and fight me,

one on one;

and I never win.


Where do I go, now?

Did I already see,

or know,

the destination?

I am so opposed

to everything,

I must be attracted

to everything else.


The universe hides

all of its

most precious secrets

and I am peeling layers

from myself,

from this life

trying to get down to them.


The reason for it;

maybe that’s the thing.

Maybe reason isn’t enough.

Maybe this device

measures the distance

between our Faith

and our understanding.


Here I am,

constant and afraid.

Peeling off the layers,

trying to peek inside.

Curiosity killed my mind,

but I keep on asking,



HG – 2019


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