The Day

Orange starburst Sun

sinks away

to deep magenta fire line,

splitting a neon blue horizon

from the perpetually rolling black.


The day has ended.

The night has come.

The wind becomes a whisper

and the trees chatter away

in long forgotten languages

eons old.


The Moon rises high,

shining like a silver dollar.

Holding court in the sky,

a house of stars

and a planet of subjects.


The darkness deepens

as the Moon waxes

and then wanes,

creating spaces

for even darker shadows.


The still air

makes every sound

an alarm

and every unseen movement

a wild thing.


Cold sets in,

and the black fist of night

flexes its grip.

An endless sea of stars

spills for a moment

into the eye of the watcher,

before finally,

the spell is broken

by a golden glow in the east.


It grows,

imperceptibly at first,

but it soon

chases the darkness West.

In time,

bright, neon magenta

burns a line

that pulls a clear, blue sky

across the firmament.


There will be

no residue of night,

or dawn,

or dusk remaining;

only an endless blue,

deep as the light goes.


HG – 2019


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