Office Politics

And here I thought

I knew this pace

so well.

Thought I knew every edge

and every shadow.

So arrogant of me

to miss the picture

moving onto the next scene.


I stayed resistant

and now I hear

the teeth behind the lips,

sharp like a rip-saw,

grinding me down

from under your smile.


Tongues that longs to taste

the desecration.

The world will lift you up

and smash you down.

Wave as you say good-bye.


the ability to endure

is a curse,

as much as a gift.



come in all persuasions.

Shame and regret

always look like this.

Vengeance is a dish

served through the drive-thru,

delivered to your door

to feed your bile.


I can hear

teeth just like a chainsaw,

grinding away behind your smile.

I never thought that I

would get far enough up the stairs

for you to cast me down.


This is where

we find out

which one of us

stays standing.

The scales tip.

Look who’s laughing now?

Push me if you want to.

There’s a chance I heard you coming

from a mile away.


This land is changing;

it always has.

I guess life finds a way

to balance


and vengeance.


HG – 2019


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