I used to get so high,

never for the view,

but always for the slide;

and I’m up on the edge right now,

feet dangling down.

I almost forget,

I get up the hard way

and there’s only one way to the ground.


There are no next times,

in the land of skull and bones.

There are no easy days,

there are only empty thrones.

There are no kings and queens,

only liars and their whores.

There are no pennies saved,

throw them all back to the poor.


Take the day,

they say

that it always stays the same.

Never did for me,

but I guess I made it that way.

I’m the type of guy,

who can’t leave well enough alone.

I am always on the climb,

I can feel it in my bones.



The rain

is coming.

The day is coming.

the way

is daunting,

but I’m becoming

a little more

resilient, I think,

or maybe I

just don’t give a shit



I know what it takes

and I’ve got everything to lose,

so I’m fighting tooth and nail

and hanging on

to see the view

from up here.

for a long time.

For a good time.

It’s a long slide



Think I’ll try to stick around

for a little while.



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