Puzzle Junkies

Pushing it all back in,

packing it all down.

Examining it up close,

taking it all out.

Trying to make things fit.

Puzzling this out.

Problem as problem is,

probably all out

of my mind,

and you are too.

I see you standing there,

looking so confused;

blood on your hands

and pieces all over the ground.

You’ve been giving it your all

and look where it’s got you, now.


I don’t know why,

I don’t know how,

we can watch each other

running around,

trying frantically

to figure it all out.

 Losing your mind

trying to find

the pieces to complete you,

while I’m holding them in my hand

and the holes in me

match the ones you have.

So extraordinary,

how we’d rather implode,

than ask of another;

I guess that’s how it goes.


I’m going to go out

on the thinnest of limbs

and hear me repeat myself

again, and again.

 There’s a common theme

through all of this

and it isn’t me,

I barely exist.

I am a ghost,

but together we’re more,

a piece of the puzzle

finally restored.

Just look around you,

it’s not a mystery,

it’s a puzzle,

bigger than you

and it’s whispering;

“Complete me.”


HG – 2019


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