Bare Facts

This is not wisdom;

this is blood,

and pain,

and hate.


This is not love;

this is shame,

and lust,

and lies.


This is not courage;

this is fear,

and rage,

and violence.


This is not strength;

this is weakness,

and sadness,

and scar tissue.


This is not honest.

This is not okay.

This is not success.

This is not glamorous.

This is not practiced.

This is not refined.

This is not gain;



This is loss.

This is defeat.

This is darkness.

This is cold.

This is empty.

This is terror.

This is nightmares.

This is jealousy.

This is accusing.

This is wrath.

This is envy.

This is ridicule.

This is injustice.

This is abandonment.

This is loneliness;

and it is worth it.


Every day.

Every sunrise.

Every breath.

Every hold.

Every kiss.

Every second.

Every night.

Every touch.

Every word.

Every smile.

Every laugh.


All of it.

Worth it.


HG – 2019


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